"Several years ago, I started experiencing severe lower GI distress as a part of my running. I was terrified at my seeming lack of control over my body no longer processing foods I had been eating my entire life. This left me limiting “safe” foods and frustrated my passion for running, either through insufficient fueling or crippling “flare ups” that may last for days.

I realized I needed help and came to Krista, specifically, because I recognized she was an endurance athlete, herself. She coached me through adding more variety back into my nutritional profile and challenged me to realize other factors that could be playing a role in the GI distress rather than my single-minded “safe or not” approach.

Over the course of a year, Krista has helped coach me back to fully fueling for a marathon and beyond – to an ultramarathon! Greater than the events, though, I have running back in my life and am not living in fear. Krista truly embodies “Fuel Fearlessly” in such a deep and genuine way as that is truly the gift that she has given me."


" I had my annual visit with my PCP and I was questioning my inability to lose weight even though I was working out three times a week. My diet wasn’t the best, but I was also exhausted after my workouts. I thought regular exercise was supposed to give me more energy! He recommended that I see a nutritionist. I began working with Krista in October of 2016. It has been such an incredible journey. After the first month of learning what and how I should eat, I started to lose weight and wasn’t feeling as worn out. It was a little overwhelming at first with all of the information, but she made it easy to understand. Krista then asked about my activity level. I told her that I had done a couple of sprint triathlons and was in a triathlon training group. Her next question was “so when’s your next event?” I laughed and said I was content with doing what I referred to as “baby tri’s”. In April of 2017, I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon, the Lavaman, in Hawaii. Krista helped me understand what I needed to fuel my body to be able to push myself and still feel good. Krista is a triathlon pro and provided invaluable tips on how to fuel before, during and after the event. I couldn’t have done the event without her. Aside from her encouragement to do something I hadn’t done before, she has always providing unwavering support. "


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"My name is Daniel Espinoza. In April, this year I started my triathlon training! In June, I knew I needed help with my eating! The first week of July, I had my first appointment with Krista. I loved how she listened to my goals. I went in wanting to feel better throughout the day, to have the energy to train after work, improve my performance in triathlons and to slowly lose some weight! That is exactly the results I got. 

 From July 2 till today, August 13, my runs have gone from average 34-35 minute 5K  to 30-31 minute 5k. My cycling has gone from an average 14-16MPH for 20 Miles to 18-20 MPH for 30+ miles. Today I set a PR averaging 19.7MPH for 30.5 miles. My swimming has gone from 2:20/100yd to 2:05/100yd in a 500yd assessment.  

 My performance results have been amazing and I feel great. I have definitely gotten the results I was looking for. I highly recommend  you give Krista a shot at helping you conquer your goals."


"Working with Krista has been a fantastic experience.  I came to her last summer wanting to drop weight on my quest to become faster in the sport of triathlon, and for a nutrition plan to help get me through tough training sessions.  Her experience in the sport helped her tailor a daily program that accomplished both.  After a few sessions, we were able to dial in on the right plan and as a result I dropped down to a healthy race weight as well as improved my ability to complete long workouts without “hitting a wall”.   Krista also provided timely feedback after key training sessions to help me identify major gaps in my race day nutrition plan as I trained for my 2nd full Ironman."

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"My name is Eddie and I was extremely overweight, I had no energy and the obesity was creating more health issues for me.  Krista taught me how to balance my meal and make healthy choices even when I had gone out for dinner with friends.  She also taught me the importance of exercise which not only helped with the weight loss but also gave me the energy and stamina to keep up with the grandkids.  It took two years but I was finally able to shed 180lbs and I feel like a new person.  It’s been over a year since I reached my goal and using the same things she taught me I have been able to maintain the loss.

Thanks Krista"